UPSs and diesel generators are two backup systems which are kept by web hosting providers in their data centers in the event there are interruptions in the main power source or the current is unstable and unable to maintain the appropriate running of the web servers located in the facility. UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply or Uninterruptible Power Source and it's an efficient battery that works non-stop. It is connected to both the power network and the web servers all of the time, so when the power stops, the UPS is already functioning, which prevents the machines from going down even for a second. The diesel generator is certainly an engine which can supply the needed power to keep the web servers functioning for a longer period of time. In case there is an outage, the UPS gives the needed time for the diesel generator to start and then to take over until the main power source is restored.

UPS & Diesel Back-up Generator in Web Hosting

If you host your sites inside a web hosting account with our company, you shall be able to forget about problems caused by electric power outages, because, in contrast to all kinds of other providers, we do not keep several web servers attached to only one UPS. Alternatively, every single hosting server that's part of our avant-garde cloud platform features its own UPS device which will be able to keep it operational for hours on end. Furthermore, our data centers in the USA, in the United Kingdom and in Australia have many different generators that boot up for minutes and which can power each of the hosting servers for an extensive stretch of time. This way, the functionality of your websites or their loading speed won't be affected, so you are able to enjoy an uninterrupted high-quality web hosting service constantly.