Though this isn't the most importantaspect to recognize a trustworthy web hosting company from a bad one or a reseller from a real supplier, the option to call and consult with a live person is a sign that you are not using the services of a one-person firm and that you'll be able to get in touch with someone every time you're looking for help. The phone support for website hosting services may vary from general to expert, therefore the issues which can be resolved through a phone call vary based on the particular provider. Usually, these matters are simpler and feature billing or 1st level technical issues since more complex problems usually need a support ticket where both you and the system administrators can track what's going on with a given issue. Still, the option to phone call your provider can save you lots of time and efforts for the numerous tiny problems that may eventually appear when you manage your hosting account.

Phone Support in Web Hosting

We believe that having the option to speak with a live consultant is rather important, for that reason we have three support lines around the globe (USA, UK and Australia) and you will be able to contact us over the phone for fourteen hours a day. If you consider buying one of our web hosting, for instance, you will be able to call us and find more about our solutions prior to ordering so as to be sure that we do meet all the system requirements for your websites. Following your order, you can call us about any kind of sales and billing troubles you may experience, or get any kind of general or basic tech info that you need. We have aimed to find the balance between telephone and ticket support, so for strictly technical issues you can use the ticketing system, that will help you track the communication together with any new developments in the resolution of an issue.